Welcome to the Macomb County  Adult Drug Court




The Macomb County Drug Court began in 2003 and continues today with two judges and approximately 50 participants.  We are very fortunate to be supported by a state drug court grant, a contribution by the county and assistance from our non-profit, Macomb Community Drug Courts Inc.



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A great way to stay connected and see the latest happenings of the drug court.  Also a great place to stay connected with fellow drug court members as well as drug court alumni. Share meeting information and support each others' sobriety.  See pictures from drug court events like the annual picnic.


Entry Procedure


Defense Counsel - after placing a plea on the record, fill out the Drug Court Eligibility screening (can be found under the Drug Court forms link on the left) and turn in to Specialty Court Services on the 5th floor (Court Administration counter), or fax to (586) 783-8179.  

*** Please do NOT attempt to get a signature from the Prosecutor's Office before turning in the application.  That will be handled after the application is submitted by court staff.  Thank you.